As Australians, we usually sort out our personal problems by ourselves, or if we’re really stumped, we talk it over with a friend. Occasionally, these avenues stop being helpful and this is where short-term or even long-term counselling can be an option.

More and more people are choosing to talk through their concerns with an experienced and qualified counsellor in a private, confidential and non-judgmental space where they can truly feel heard and understood.

Janine Ayling lives and works on the Central Coast of NSW and been counselling individuals and couples since 2008. She has achieved a Masters Degree in Counselling and a Graduate Diploma in Couple Counselling. Janine has been a seminar speaker at various events and also has a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment due to her role as an educator for counselling students.

Counselling is available by appointment at Tumbi Umbi.

Why Counselling?