Janine is committed to assisting those who feel the exhaustion, helplessness and shame of out-of-control eating and low self-worth. 

Basing her methods on non-diet approaches such as Health at Every Size and Attuned Eating, she is keen to assist clients in confronting the messages of deprivation and shame that thrive in the diet/binge cycle. She helps women re-connect with their internal physical cues for hunger and fullness rather than relying on the external rules that are deeply embedded in diets – and in a society that discriminates against weight.

This work is making a difference to those who are ready to end the preoccupation with food and to achieve a genuine sense of health and worthiness.

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Helpful resources

Resources to help people end overeating and build a healthy relationship with food, their bodies and themselves.

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Linda Bacon, Ph.D., is an internationally-recognized authority on topics related to nutrition, weight and health.

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